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AUTUMN RETREAT OCT 26TH-30th Caroline AB $697

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  • a calm clear mind
  • a soft and open heart
  • more energy and reduced stress
  • improved focus
  • find a deeper meaning in life
  • physical healing
  • improved communication & listening skills
  • enhance your current practice be in proffessional, artistic or spiritual 
  • leave feeling years younger & pounds lighter
  • increased ability to live in the present moment
  • experience who You are beyond identity 
  • insights into your life purpose
  • self love 
  • compassion


When considering the many modalities of spiritual seeking created by humankind over millennia, The Enlightenment Intensive has broke new ground. It is on the cutting edge of seeker technology. It's effectiveness at fostering "breakthroughs", Direct Experiences to be precise, is such that you could call it a modern wonder. The "dyad" format - two practitioners sitting directly across from one another, amplifies the consciousness at work exponentially. The principle of "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" transpires.


In the dyad, two seekers team up against one mind.  In solo meditation, one simply watches the thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc, rise up and pass by, only to return. In the dyad, the contemplator expresses what comes up to the very attentive listening partner, who does their best to understand. When true understanding between two individuals occurs, mind is released, and is much more likely to stay away. All of our stories, our thoughts, feelings, hurts, frustrations, beliefs, perceptions (and on and on), are a result of pieces of information, like mail, that we picked up, but either never opened, or understood, or replied to, or just simply deleted. (Our Inbox is stuffed and overflowing, leaving a burdensome feeling about the unfinished business that awaits us.) 

It is the power of two conscious beings working together, and the clearing of old baggage through conscious communication and understanding, that sets this practice apart from practically all others. It is our experience that nothing comes close in speed and depth, as this technique produces. And so many, including yoga masters, ex-Zen monks, shamans, therapists, etc. who have spent years in ashrams in India, or decades sitting still and being quiet (all valuable experiences for sure) agree that nothing else quite measures up. You owe it to yourself to try and Enlightenment Intensive.



October 26th - 30th

At the heart of all spiritual traditions lies the fundamental question, “Who am I?” For three incredibly focused days, inside a tight, safe and sacred container, the EI participant holds and cares for the question like a newborn baby, in search of the Absolute Truth of Who They Are.

Answers do come in the form of insights. Healings occur. Hearts burst open as masks are finally dropped. Conscious connection with others is experienced, often for the first time. Ecstatic energetic experiences, uncontrollable laughter...the vast array of experiences is uncanny.

As wonderful as they all may be, the one and only purpose of an Enlightenment Intensive is to Directly Experience the Absolute Truth of Who You Are. The answer is You.

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*Four night accommodation, all meals and sessions 


Lazy M Lodge

53021 Township Rd 372, 

Caroline, AB 


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Enlightenment Team

Trevor Thibodeau

"I'm a 47 year old man, Joe Canadian in many ways. Being "spiritual" simply means being who and what I am. Nothing special. Loving from my heart. Being true to myself, authentic, compassionate, and humbly helpful, is all I can hope & pray for."Trevor has trained as an "Enlightenment Master" and level 1 "Clearer" under the powerful tutelage of Lawrence Noyes. He took his first Enlightenment Intensive 15 years ago, and knew then as he does now, that this profound Awakening retreat will always be a part of his life. This is not his passion. It's his "calling". He will stand in the fire with you, face your demons along side you, and he will certainly sing and dance with you when you find that Treasure you seek. But only if he too Knows it to be True, for he will do his absolute best to never sell you out. Knowing the utter fulfillment Truth brings, he wants nothing less for you. Trevor is committed to a community of men (Head Smashed In Division of MDI) devoted to helping each other become better men - positive & powerful masculine influences in their families, communities, and in the world. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HSItribe/  
As an authentic presence, willing to show up fully and to not shy away from uncomfortable conversations and challenges, he supports his men the only way he knows how: by being true to the truth as he knows it. Thus, he was honoured when asked to step into the role of Tribe Shaman. While being a contemporary and free-thinker, Trevor feels a deep connection to ancient wisdoms. He lived and practiced with the Zen Buddhist brothers and sisters of Plum Village during a six month sabbatical, under the guidance of beloved and world renowned Thich Nhat Hanh. Also having self-studied the Tao Te Ching, and having once directly experiencing "how things happen", to Trevor, this sacred classic by Lao Tzu is an excellent "finger pointing at the moon", and the Yin-Yang the symbol that best describes this reality we live in. He is also very drawn to the beautiful simplicity in the teachings of Jesus, and has searched for the "historical Jesus" - what ALL of history has to say about this man, not just the church. In Trevor's view, Jesus was a revolutionary who constantly challenged authority, not to be difficult, but because he saw a need. Jesus studied abroad, in particular Eastern traditions, during his "missing years". He fought for woman's rights. He campaigned for the poor. He spoke out against injustice and abuse of power by the state. Jesus did all of this as a man, while as Christ he forever exemplified and guided people to live the simple practices of love, compassion, and forgiveness. And he taught us to freely give these things to EVERYONE, including if not especially our enemies. Never was there a time we need this more than now. And Jesus was forever pointing at ... this - very - moment ... where we can all discover the Living Truth... that We Are All Divine... each and every One. "Be as the lilies of the field." - Jesus Christ

Mira Black

One part poet one part chanteuse, this muse will inspire and break your heart in the same breath while falling in love with you before you can overt your eyes. Mira combines a degree in Psychology, 20 years of youth care and family counselling, Senior Monitor Training and a deep open heart to hold space for you while you face your own depth of Self.  Mira Black has proven her self in the literary, musical  and therapeutic world. Mixing her soulful, 5 octave vocal prowess with a brave imagination and insightful composition to open hearts time and time again. This exaltation being will support your journey and nurture you at every turn. 

Rovena Skye

Rovena is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Tantra Teacher and the founder of the Calgary Tantric Community. She leads Women's Circles and teaches workshops on Thriving Relationships, Compassionate Communication, Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality. Rovena has studied with Master Tantra teachers around the world. She has formal training as a Senior Monitor and Clearer. She is proud to support people in creating the life and relationships they love. She helps couples and singles create and keep the magic in their relationships. She teaches Tantra as a path of Love and Joy and Freedom; living with an Open Heart, Awareness and Presence. She is the mother of 2 and is committed to bringing more love and joy to everyone around her.

Kirsten Hrup

Kirsten is a dedicate practitioner of Surrender Meditation and has given herself to the art and discipline of service to the healing and awakening of others. She has formal training as a Senior Monitor for the work of Enlightenment Intensives and lives a life congruent to this break through work. This nurturing soul will be your Chief monitor which means you will have an energy of sacred space, supportive environment, active listening and loving tender care.

Randy McGhee

Randy is a team member of The Lazy M Lodge were we will hold this Fall retreat. He was born and raised on a farm west of Drumheller. He has worked in the building industry for years, but his interest in giving back to the community with a safe supportive environment has always been a dream of his. With strong roots in community development and growth he is now taking that experience to offer guests the chance to rest, relax and recharge.

Marcel Gour

Your host from the Lazy M Lodge where this years Fall retreat will be held. He was born in the Peace country, raised on a farm and moved to Calgary to join the corporate world. He has worked at a large truck dealership in management for 29 years and has learned all about daily stress. He is now living his dream, back to his country roots and looks forward to offering guests the place to reconnect with self and nature.

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